3 Apr

Cherry Blossom Time at Deodar Cottage

We have been busy working and planting in the cottage garden and planting flowers in the new bed in the garden the last weekends.

We have enjoyed some beautiful sunny days with some very strong winds and brought with it a cool breeze so we decided to go for a walk round the corner into the countryside.

The hedgerows are lush and green and long tail birds are chirping everywhere there and paying hide and seek.

Kids favourite scarecrow could be spotted

Spring is everywhere around

Such pretty pink flowers

Wild flowers are blooming…

Forget me knot and red campion makes the most beautiful sight..

Deodar Cottage covered with cherry blossom in pink blooms and I love the sight

Each little bloom is pretty in it’s own

When together they paint the prettiest picture…

Cherry blossom trees they are just dreamy…

As the breeze gently passed through the trees, pink petals fell on the ground. Wouldn’t this be perfect for a Spring wedding picture?

Beside cherry blossom the fire crackling, a nice cup of tea.

The fire is now glowing and it is now cozy warm,I love to sit and watch the glowing ash drop while dreaming about all the pink blossom just around the corner and staying at Deodar Cottage. I just might have to come back again…

I hope you are well and looking forward to spend a weekend here. Join me next time again for tales of Deodar Cottage.